100 Word Challenge

This week’s Writing Prompt comes from the people at 100 Word Challenge. You have 100 words to write a text that includes the following:

… She just wouldn’t stop crying…

Think about who ‘she’ is and why she wouldn’t stop crying. You can add a visual to support your text, so long as you reference it correctly.

Please post your text to your blog.

Have fun!

Miss Andrews

Writing Prompt

Use the below writing prompt from Writing Forward to write a text of your choice. You might like to write a narrative or a poem about what is happening; you could write an information text about astronauts, space and/or other planets; or, you could write a persuasive text around space. The choice is yours. No more than 250 words, posted to your own blog. Ensure that you have spent time with me or Miss Noack editing your work prior to posting.


Image posted by Melissa Donovan – no CC licensing information