Wednesday 8/4/2015

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, Miss Jasmin was asked to work in another class today, so you’ll have someone else – I don’t know who at this stage. I know that you will treat him/her with respect. You have lots of work to do today, so please make sure that you make the most of it.

8:50am: Buddy Reading with Ms Nektaria’s and Mrs Cedar’s classes 

9am: Writing

Complete your final genre writing piece on your chosen topic.

9:45am: Independent Learning Time

Everyone, except for Niko (who was absent), has planned out their day and how they will use their Independent Learning Time. Keep your schedule on your table, so that the teacher can see what you have planned to be doing. Feel free to change this if you need to, but record on the slip what you actually did and leave it on my desk.

The following items are due on Friday:

  • Science Spelling – Weeks 10 and 11
  • Blogging – 5 Tasks listed on previous post
  • Writing – final genre piece
  • Reading Reflections
  • Literacy Pro quizzes – Boy Overboard must be done; any other books that you have read

The following items will be due early in Term 2:

  • Science – Resource Research (rubric will be handed out today – please GLUE into your book!)
  • History – Migration Museum task

There is also the FreeRice challenge – we now have 37 950 grains donated!

Your ability to work successfully during Independent Learning Time will help me to see how well you will manage with 1:1 devices, as some of our learning will be similar to today’s structure. I know that you are all capable of doing this 🙂

11:30am: P.E. with Mr Chatto

12:50pm: Eating Time – in class room and at seats (no couch)

1:30pm: Silent Reading

1:50pm: Independent Learning Time


The teacher will hand out a note to you about shared lunch on Thursday – please apologise to your parents for the short notice.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day 🙂

Miss Andrews















Image by showmeone licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.


Migration Museum Excursion

Written by Emma, Tiana and Miss Andrews

On Monday, 2nd March, we went to the Migration Museum to learn more about Australia’s migration history.

We began our guided tour outside of the museum where we looked at the pavers, which had names of migrants recorded on them. There were also a number of plaques dedicated to different communities that had either migrated to South Australia or died as a result of wars. 

IMG_1646[1]  IMG_1648

IMG_1649  IMG_1650

The first room we visited was called “Interned: Torrens Island 1914 – 1915”. We saw photographs of the internment camp that was on Torrens Island. It opened soon after World War I started. We learned about how foreign nationals were interned there, and saw a replica tent that they would have slept in.

Our next stop was to the Al-Ahwaz display. There are about 500 Ahwazi refugees living in Adelaide due to being persecuted by the Iranian government.

IMG_1655  IMG_1652


We discussed the White Australia Policy that was in place between 1901 and 1958. We found out that Australia only wanted a specific kind of person migrating during these years: Caucasians, who were from the Church of England religion. To stop people that they did not want from migrating, they would give them a dictation test in English (or in a different European language if the person was fluent in English). However, people with money were sometimes allowed to migrate to Australia.

IMG_1672  IMG_1657 

IMG_1659  IMG_1677

Lastly, we spent some time looking through the 20th and 21st Century Immigration galleries. 

IMG_1665  IMG_1662

IMG_1666  IMG_1668

IMG_1669  IMG_1674

IMG_1675  IMG_1683

We had a great time and learned so much at the museum!