Blogging Guidelines

Privacy Guidelines

We need to be aware of what we should and should not post online, and a blog is a great place to start. We have created a few guidelines to ensure that we maintain our privacy and that of our readers:

  • Use your first name only. You may use your last initial, but you should never use your full name.
  • Do not post your address, phone number or email address.
  • If your parents would like to comment, ask them to call themselves “Johnny’s mum” or “Sally’s dad”. This helps us to know when family members are commenting and they don’t have to share your last name online.

Commenting Guidelines

Blogging is all about connecting with other people through commenting on their posts. To write a great comment, keep the following in mind:

  • Your comment should be written in letter form. Include a greeting, such as “Dear Sally”.
  • Your comment should stay on topic and be at least two sentences long.
  • Your comment could be to provide the writer with positive feedback, to add information or your thoughts, to make a connection, to ask a question or to give a wish or a hope.
  • Your comment should be respectful, friendly and encouraging.
  • Your comment should be written in complete sentences, using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.


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