Trip back to planet Tornaz

I, Chloe James, was walking to school when I heard a weird alien kind voice. I turned around and looked but no one was there. I thought it would just be prank but then I looked back in the direction I was heading, I screamed (You must be wondering why, here’s why). There was a 3 eyed, blue skinned ugly figure, with sharp teeth, big blue ears, two arms and two legs.  He looked horrendously hideous.  “Hello” Said the alien in a throaty voice. “h-hi” I stammered. Suddenly he disappeared. So I began to walk home thinking what on earth had happened. Was I dreaming? Or was it a piece of my imagination? Did I tell you I have a wild imagination? I got home and went straight to my bedroom. I was still trying to figure out if all that was real. I decided to give it a break and start with my homework, which by the way was due tomorrow and if I didn’t hand it In I’ll be so busted! Just as I sat at my homework desk, I heard a rustle outside my window so I got up and ran as fast as I could to open the window, I looked outside but I saw nothing. I’m guessing it was just a bird or something. I  turned around and… AHH! (Yep that’s me screaming…again) The Alien was right in front of me. “I come from planet Tornaz and I am here to take you,”  Said the alien.  I was terrified. The alien made a grab for me, I dodged, grabbed my toy spaceship and threw at him. Suddenly the spaceship grew and became his size. I pushed the alien into it, magically started it somehow and flew it into space. Suddenly I woke up and then realised it was a dream. I got ready for school started walking. While I was walking I felt a tap on my shoulder…





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