Student Blogging Challenge – Week 3 Completed!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that I was really impressed with how many of you got involved in this week’s blogging challenge.

Activity 1 – Learning about Creative Commons

Firstly, we looked at Creative Commons, and even though it is a difficult topic to understand, many of you are already providing attribution for the images you use – great job! I have added a new page to the Resources page (hover over the Resources link in the main header and their will be a sub-heading, ‘Creative Commons’). I have tried to simplify Creative Commons as much as I can, as well as providing you with links to sites that provide images, videos and music licensed under Creative Commons and a how-to on attribution. I hope this helps.

Activity 2 – Remixing and Fair Use of Video

We have looked at ‘A Fair(y) Use Tale’ about remixing and fair use of video. Many of you are in the process of creating your own work, using images, quotes and video, about teamwork. I can’t wait for you to upload the finished product (paying attention to remixing, fair use and Creative Commons)!

Activity 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 – Using Images or Music Ethically

This activity was to be completed on your own blog. Please check out the following blogs:

There are a number of other people who are sharing their writing online, but they haven’t included images. Still, I would highly recommend checking them out:

Activity 9 – Zoom Out from an Image

Please read through our zoom out story that we created with the help of one of our visitors, Mrs Rombach.


Looking forward to next week’s challenge!

Miss Andrews

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